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What you need To Get Set Up Correctly

Setting up your HUUM Sauna Heater with Biohack My Home is a straightforward process. To get started.


Choose your Heater.


The Hive is our flagship model, known for its powerful performance and elegant design. It provides ample heating capacity and is ideal for larger saunas.

Hive Mini:

If you have a smaller sauna or limited space, the Hive Mini is a fantastic option. It shares the same performance and features as the Hive but in a more compact size.


With its tall and slender profile, the Cliff model offers a unique vertical design, making it a great choice for saunas with limited floor space. Be sure to check out the Cliff Mini for an even smaller version. (See product page for all specs)


The Drop model showcases a sleek and modern design, with a circular shape that stands out in any sauna. It provides a balanced heat distribution and is suitable for various sauna sizes,

Step 2

Choose Your Remote

When selecting your HUUM Sauna Heater, don't forget to choose your remote option. A remote control is a must-have accessory that enhances your sauna experience and allows convenient control of your HUUM Sauna Heater.

All remotes work with all HUUM Sauna Heater models. Chose between a local plug in remote or our WIFI based options.

Wi-Fi-Based Remote

A Wi-Fi-based remote is a cutting-edge option that allows you to control your HUUM Sauna Heater wirelessly through a mobile application.

The Wi-Fi remote for HUUM Sauna Heaters is typically designed to be wall-mounted inside the sauna

Local Remote

A local remote provides control of your HUUM Sauna Heater within the immediate vicinity of the sauna.


Choose The Appropriate Amount Of Sauna Stone

HUUM Sauna Heaters offer a range of sizes and designs, each with its own stone capacity. The required quantity of rocks will depend on the specific model's design and heating elements. One case is 33lbs of Stones

Hive: 17 Boxes

Hive Mini: 10. Boxes

All Drop Heaters: 4 boxes

Cliff: 5 Boxes

Cliff Mini: 4 Boxes

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