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About Us

Where peak performance meets innovation.

Founded by Aundre Vasquez, an avid adventurer with a passion for extreme world travel, hiking, and Muy Thai, our mission is to empower elite achievers to unlock their full potential through the transformative world of biohacking.

Before embarking on the journey of fatherhood, Aundre immersed himself in exploring the far corners of the globe. It was during his intense training for Muy Thai fights that he stumbled upon the awe-inspiring realm of biohacking. Witnessing the remarkable impact it had on his own performance and well-being, he became captivated by its potential to elevate human potential to new heights.
Driven by the desire to share this experience, Biohack My Home was born. Our online store serves as a hub for cutting-edge biohacking products, meticulously curated to individuals on their quest for peak performance
Welcome and thanks for visiting us at Biohack My Home.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and help you to create
a home or business that is clean to support your health
and wellbeing.

We care deeply for and share your passion for Fitness, Alternative Health, and Self Improvement. Our business was borne from the same passion and desires.
At Biohack My Home we live by 3 core company values.

We do the right thing.  Always.  We do business with the highest
standards of ethics and professional behavior.

We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships
in business and in life.  Strong and positive relationships are a big part
of what make Biohack My Home different from other online stores.
Our customers, dealers and vendors are our top priority, period.

Plain and simple, we are here for YOU, the customer.  Our goal is to
deliver the WOW factor in service.  We strive for excellence in customer
service and are driven to provide value at all times. 

We are a company dedicated to providing high-quality, cutting-edge home improvement products for individuals looking to optimize their living space and improve the quality of their life. 

Our products are designed for folks who are looking to take their life to the next level. Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to feel their best, our products can help you reach your goals.

We believe in the power of optimizing your home to improve physical and mental health, enhance performance, and increase overall well-being. 



Take Your Biohacking Journey To New Heights

Join the community of passionate biohackers who are embracing red light therapy as the ultimate game-changer.

Join the biohacking revolution today and elevate your journey. Your path to peak performance and optimal well-being starts here.