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5 Fact About Red Light Therapy You Should Know

5 Fact About Red Light Therapy You Should Know

At Biohack My Home, we specialize in providing alternative wellness products, including red light therapy devices, to help you achieve optimal health. Here are five important facts about red light therapy that you should know to understand its influence and how to reap all the benefits.

1. What Does Red Light Therapy Do?

Red light therapy stimulates photobiomodulation, the process of using nonionizing electromagnetic energy to stimulate photochemical changes in cellular structures. It sends red light into the mitochondria, which converts the light waves into energy used for accelerated healing, as in cell reproduction and regeneration. Red light therapy mainly targets:

  • Sports recovery
  • Wound injury healing
  • Chronic pain management
  • Arthritis and joint pain management
  • Skin conditioning
  • Weight loss

2. How Do Red Light Pods Differ From Tanning Beds?

Red light therapy pods share many similar physical similarities with a tanning bed. However, the two are very different from one another. Red light therapy does not use harmful UV rays. It emits specific red and near-infrared wavelengths, which are nonionizing, stable, and noninvasive. It also does not tan your skin.

3. How Often Should You Expose Yourself To Red Light Therapy?

Like with most forms of remedies, a consistent routine and application of red light therapy guarantee better results. As a general rule of thumb, spending at least 15 minutes in a pod three times a week gives you enough exposure to let the red light waves nourish and heal you inside and out. Non-full-body red light devices might require more frequent uses.

4. How Do You Maximize Results?

There are many other ways to maximize the results of this holistic treatment besides consistent red light therapy sessions in the pod. Proper skin preparation for red light therapy helps your skin absorb healthy nutrients and red and near-infrared wavelengths more deeply. Using a pod instead of a lamp provides full-body treatment rather than zone-targeted therapy. Wearing less clothing and exposing more skin increases light penetration. Red light therapy offers a lot of benefits on its own, but when you add in some best practices, you get even better results.

5. What’s the Best Way To Enjoy Red Light Therapy?

Nowadays, there are many ways to enjoy red light therapy. The best way to get the most out of red light therapy is at a facility equipped with full-body red light therapy beds. At-home treatments offer some advantages but facilitated red light sessions provide even more benefits. These sessions give you access to better equipment with more settings and higher power. They also allow you to pair your treatment with expert insight.

Red light therapy helps people live their best lives. It keeps you in top shape, heightens physical performance, and more. From the science behind red light exposure to best practices, these five facts about red light therapy explain the basics of how to make the most of this beneficial holistic treatment.

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